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Statement from MARIELLA MORGANA 


Honest, straight, blunt, this is the style how the young wild wins the hearts of her counterparts. These attributes reappear in her creations.
Her interaction with inherent curiosity and a vigorous blow of talent results in an explosive mixture of creativity.


Foto Carina Pnkwart

About creativity:

“It´s very important to me, that the people who wear my designs are inspired to influence their outfits as they feel to.
Fashion to me doesn’t mean to only get dressed, but rather to live it.
In my opinion more freedom to personal creativity has to be given.”

About her creations:

 “I can't bare safe-side, I adore to play the risky game! My character and way of working turns each project into an adrenalin shot. Challenging the usual and going for something new is my highest motivation.”


About the label:

“I grew up with nature all around me, loved climbing up trees with my brothers and came home dirty with sore knees, but happy.
I enjoy life every second. I want to be human and stick to that.
This way of seeing life should embody my label. To be human is wonderful. Nothing is perfect.”


About her fashion:

“I love creating something new and let my imaginations fly. There is nothing more beautiful than cutting a slice of cake out of my fantasies and offering it as a present to everybody. That’s why I do fashion.”